OBC gets trip planning apps

The Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform 50 (MCP50) will add two management applications this summer that can automate trip planning and updating for drivers and provide fleet managers with easy access to trip details. The company has also announced an agreement with InstallerNet Inc. that gives it access to 1,100 technicians located throughout the U.S. for installation of the MCP50.

The InstallerNet agreement creates a national MCP50 installation program to minimize installation time and disruption, according to Qualcomm.

Already available for the MCP100 and MCP200 platforms, Qualcomm’s Circle of Service Workflow and Trip Manager applications are designed to automate and speed up trip-related communications between drivers and dispatch as well as improve driver productivity and customer service, according to Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services.

The Circle of Service app integrates with dispatch and fleet management systems to automate trip status updates instantly, prompt drivers to provide needed details for the back office, and integrate work-flow forms to automatically capture data in the field. Trip Manager allows fleets to create a route or plan, view it in progress, and monitor it in near real-time. It also allows dispatchers to view trips in progress, late stops, stop details, and driver tasks on easy-to-read maps and graphical displays.

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