Online tool for calculating vehicle registration fees now available

A new online tool for estimating vehicle registration fees under the International Registration Plan has been released by North Star Fleet Solutions.

The IRP FeeCalc has been developed for over-the-road truck fleet managers and administrators. It puts everything needed to manage IRP and fees into one application, the company said. Users can create fleets, establish a base jurisdiction, enter actual or estimated distance data, establish weight groups, generate reports, factor in other fees and taxes, and more.

IRP FeeCalc estimates apportioned fees based on the distance traveled in each jurisdiction, and vehicle data including gross weight and purchase price. It can be used on any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Licensing information from all 59 IRP jurisdictions is updated automatically.

“IRP FeeCalc gives you a system for estimating your IRP fees and keeping your vehicle and distance data organized and properly calculated,” said Sandy Johnson, president of North Star Fleet Solutions. “It’s easy to use whether you have one vehicle in your fleet or 10,000.”

The tool also keeps distance and unit data organized, current, and consistent; estimates the cost to add, delete, or replace a unit from a fleet; verifies the accuracy of government invoices; updates fee schedules from all 59 IRP jurisdictions automatically; reduces the risk of overcharges and other processing errors; and tells owner-operators how much their plates will cost.
IRP FeeCalc is available as a monthly subscription.


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