PeopleNet adds iPad access to fleet-management solution

ORLANDO. PeopleNet announced here this week at the American Trucking Assn.s(ATA) meeting the launch of a new mobile site-- Mobile PeopleNet Fleet Manager(PFM)-- for accessing vehicle and driver data, maps and messaging via an Apple iPad tablet computer.

“Today’s [fleet] managers are increasingly relying on mobile computing to help them do their jobs better and more easily,” pointed out senior vp Rick Ochsendorf. “Mobile PFM gives them instant wireless access to the information they need for decision-making.”

Mobile PFM, which is certified for the Safari browser, provides the following information:

  • Maps (embedded Google maps) displaying vehicles with breadcrumb information; filtered by vehicle group
  • Vehicle list sorted by vehicle name, last data call, last message, last location
  • Messaging to vehicle
  • Driver list sorted by driver name, driver ID, terminal, duty status, available hours, and vehicle number
  • Messaging to driver

Already using Mobile PFM is Luckey Logistics LLC. The fleet’s IT manager, Patrick Barnwell, noted that the app “helps us meet our goal of running our business with fewer employees than other companies our size. The advantage of instant access to vehicle and driver information, map-based location information and vehicle messaging is priceless. 

“Even when our executives are at their desks, they’re using their iPads,” he added. “Nothing to boot up, no connection to look for. And our dispatchers can manage their drivers from anywhere 24/7.”

PeopleNet customers can access the mobile site using their existing login credentials at

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