Plug-and-play GPS device transmits vehicle data to the cloud

Azuga, a provider of GPS fleet tracking and driver behavior solutions, has secured its 100th customer in three months for its low-cost GPS device. Azuga’s “instant-install” OBDII device can begin working in as little as 22 seconds, while allowing companies to track their fleets for just 70 cents per day per vehicle (price includes GPS tracking device).

Powered by Azuga’s G2TM technology, the device “reads” vehicles’ engine data up to 60 times more often than standard GPS tracking systems, it said, and sends that data to the cloud, giving fleet administrators real-time snapshots of vehicle health, fuel usage, carbon footprint and driver behavior.

 “Cloud-based software management and GPS device hardware have both experienced significant cost savings in the last three years. The industry has not passed on these savings to customers and continues to inflict punishing contracts and high monthly recurring costs,” said Ananth Rani, vice president and general manager of Azuga. “Azuga was created to shake-up the industry and we’re pleased to see the rapid adoption by customers.”

Azuga is led by a team of industry veterans with experience at Ford, GM, AT&T, Oracle, Xora, Telenav and Qualcomm. Azuga’s parent company, Danlaw, Inc. manufactures Azuga’s OBDII device, ensuring hardware performance. For each product sold, Azuga donates a portion to a charity of the customer's choice – several large organizations like the Leukemia and Lymphoma foundation, American Diabetes Association, World Vision and Save The Children have benefited from these contributions.

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