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Blackberry Ivy

BlackBerry Ivy adds Ridecell to data platform

Oct. 5, 2021
BlackBerry Ivy will work to help OEMs more easily deploy Ridecell solutions directly to their vehicles in real-time to unlock new revenue streams and save on data connectivity.

BlackBerry Limited and Ridecell are working to bring a next-generation fleet operations and ADAS data platform to automotive OEMs through the BlackBerry Ivy intelligent vehicle data platform. Ridecell chose BlackBerry because of the company’s position as an embedded software partner for the automotive industry and BlackBerry Ivy's potential on a global scale.

According to both companies, the integrated solution would enable OEMs to provide fleet operators with the tools they need to turn fleet-management insights into automated actions that include responding to maintenance and diagnostics alerts, automating vehicle access control, and vehicle disablement if stolen, along with generating crash analytics reports to satisfy government regulations.

BlackBerry Ivy will work to help OEMs more easily deploy Ridecell solutions directly to the vehicle in real-time to unlock new revenue streams and save on data connectivity. BlackBerry Ivy enables fleets to unlock insights from vehicle data without significant connectivity or cloud storage costs through a scalable, cost-effective, car-to-cloud platform that provides developers with a consistent and secure way to analyze sensor data.

“BlackBerry Ivy’s intelligent vehicle data platform transforms the vehicle experience for OEMs, business fleet operators, and solution providers like Ridecell,” Shiva Kumar, CFO of Ridecell, said. “Ridecell is rooted in automotive mobility, so a collaboration with BlackBerry Ivy to explore what our two companies can do together is natural for us. Bringing our fleet IoT automation solutions to a platform that runs on all vehicles opens up automated solutions to any fleet. With Ridecell and BlackBerry Ivy, OEMs could one day be empowered to customize their vehicle experiences and embrace new revenue opportunities.” 

The collaboration also covers Ridecell’s AI-powered Nemo Data Platform integration with BlackBerry Ivy. Nemo analyzes data from vehicle sensors and driving history to understand critical events, including accidents. OEMs can also take advantage of Nemo to advance their assisted driving systems to improve safety as well as comply with the recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ruling on crash analytics, as the platform automatically generates accident reports in minutes. With BlackBerry Ivy, Nemo could use in-vehicle computing to derive real-time AI insights and to filter for scenarios of interest, saving on connectivity and cloud costs for the OEMs. 

“With a shift to shared mobility and an industrywide capacity crunch that shows no signs of easing up anytime soon, the need for fleet operators and OEMs to holistically manage the overall health of their vehicles throughout their full lifecycle is absolutely critical,” said Peter Virk, VP of Ivy product and ecosystem at BlackBerry. “With Ridecell, we will offer customers an intuitive platform to turn insights into action across their entire fleet. Customers will immediately see efficiencies that can be achieved when fleet managers and OEMs have unparalleled visibility into their vehicle assets and the capability to automate actions based on BlackBerry Ivy-led fleet insights.”

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