Qualcomm’s Service Portal integrated with TMW’s TMWSuite

Qualcomm Inc.,a provider of integrated wireless systems, applications and services to transportation and logistics firms, and TMW Systems, Inc., a provider of Transportation Management Software (TMS) solutions, announced this week the integration of Qualcomm’s Services Portal with TMWSuite.

According to Qualcomm, by automatically collecting critical tethered and untethered trailer and reefer data directly from its Services Portal, the TMWSuite software acquires valuable, near real-time alerts on trailer information.

The integration supports both Qualcomm’s Trailer Tracks 210(TT210) untethered trailer management solution and its Trailer Tracks 100 (TT100) tethered trailer tracking solution.

Qualcomm said the advantages to fleets are that they gain access to timely and valuable trailer connect/disconnect information, position information, door open/closed alerts and cargo sensor updates (loaded/unloaded), as well as reefer-equipped trailer notifications and alerts.

What’s more, per Qualcomm, the combined offering “provides more data directly from Qualcomm’s Service Portal into TMWSuite, which is based on ResultsNow by TMW with The DAWG applications, [and that] provides enhanced business intelligence for improved trailer utilization, proactive response to unanticipated trailer activity, improved cargo security and increased customer service levels.”

“By knowing the location and status of trailers in near real-time, fleet managers can maximize their resources by making informed, time-critical decisions to better serve their customers,” pointed out  Jennifer McQuiston, alliance manager for TMW. “Our latest integration with Qualcomm’s Services Portal enables us to deliver this benefit through valuable connect and disconnect information.”

“Together, we are dedicated to providing the business intelligence fleets need to maximize productivity and profitability,” said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services & marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services.

“Our latest integration adds to the more than 75 existing Qualcomm-TMW integrations and ensures mixed fleets can more easily and intelligently manage their assets with improved visibility and access to real-time data within a seamless user interface," he added.


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