SkyBitz introduces new asset management and tracking solution

SkyBitz has introduced a new asset management and tracking solution for unpowered assets, including trailers. The Falcon Series GXT2000 is a custom built global positioning satellite (GPS) asset tracking solution for 3G/4G cellular networks with seamless North American coverage.

The system tracks the location and status of assets without an external power source throughout the entire chain of events – including arrival and departure from customer sites and all events occurring in between.

The low-cost system features long battery life and can be combined with SkyBitz’s  SkyBitz as a Service platform. It is ideal for operations requiring reporting for years at a time on the status of unpowered assets such as intermodal containers, chassis,  and trailers for increased visibility, security and utilization management, SkyBitz said.
The Falcon GXT2000 was built upon the same platform as the  Falcon GXT3000 and delivers accurate location and status information.

“We are committed to revolutionizing the way businesses optimize, manage and protect their assets,” said Henry Popplewell, senior vice president and general manager, SkyBitz. “Through offering the broadest portfolio of industry leading products, combined with the SkyBitz as a Service subscription platform, customers can more quickly deploy the best solution fitted to their unique needs without any upfront investment.”

The Falcon GXT2000 was designed to provide ultimate ease and flexibility in installation and operation, taking less than 30 minutes on average to install. The product is energy efficient and can be programmed to shut off when in a specific geographic zone or for periods of time to conserve power, for example when a container is on rail. 

 The Falcon GXT2000 also allows for cargo status data via sensors and more intelligent and responsive self-diagnostics, allowing for over the air troubleshooting.

Information from the GXT2000 is delivered to end-users via SkyBitz InSight, a management tool for tracking, monitoring and managing a broad range of assets for multiple industries. SkyBitz InSight has an adaptable application program interface (API) that can accept data feeds from any other system.

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