Spireon adds CDMA technology to asset tracking solutions

Business intelligence solutions provider Spireon has added next-generation CDMA technology to its FleetLocate Local Fleet product line.

FleetLocate’s FL11Z Trailer and FL11Z-EQ asset trackers now have the latest technology that gives small- to medium-sized businesses the ability to track trailers and equipment with additional reliability and coverage around the country, Spireon said.

The solutions offer an “unprecedented level of analytics and tools that allow [fleets] to save money and protect their assets, while optimizing performance,” Spireon added.

“With the integration of the latest CDMA cellular network technology, FleetLocate’s Trailer and Equipment tracking solution will provide our local fleet customers with business intelligence solutions to manage their assets using the best coverage and service that to fit their operational needs. Our goal is to provide small to medium sized businesses with affordable options that will help them grow their businesses, protect and manage their equipment and trailers, and manage costs,” said Rich Pearlman, director of FleetLocate Local Fleet Product Management. “The FL11Z and FL11Z-EQ devices track using CDMA technology and high sensitivity GPS, which allow our customers to stay connected in real-time with reliable network availability, even when they are in remote, hard-to-reach locations, where signals tend to be weak.”

The new FL11Z and FL11Z-EQ solutions include:

  • Instant access to real-time business intelligence
  • Ability to track unauthorized use of your assets
  • GPS positioning reported every 10 minutes when the asset is powered. Daily when on battery.
  • Flexible customized reports that can be scheduled or generated on-the-fly
  • Exception-based alerts triggered by specific events such as an assets entering or exiting a location
  • Ability to know which assets are in motion or idle
  • Ability to track asset speed and heading


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