TMW and MacroPoint: Pay-per-load tracking of brokered freight via drivers’ phones

TMW Systems Inc. (TMW), a leading provider of transportation management software solutions, and MacroPoint,  inventors of a newly patented load-tracking solution that can track the location of third-party drivers via their cell phones, announced an integration solution for its TMWSuite and MacroPoint’s technology that enables on-demand, per load tracking for logistics-service providers.

According to TMW, the integration offers brokers, carriers, and 3PLs using TMWSuite transportation management software “a new, lightweight option for gaining visibility to their freight when hauled by outside carriers or owner-operators.”

The company said that, in contrast to integrations with fleet-based tracking systems that are “intended for persistent use and connectivity with a TMS,” the MacroPoint solution is designed to work on a load-by-load basis.

“Logistics service providers can employ the MacroPoint solution cost-effectively, paying only for use as needed on a per load basis,” said TMW, which noted the permission-based tracking application can be deployed to any driver’s cell phone in less than a minute with no upfront costs.

MacroPoint’s location tracking technology works on all cellular phones, including smart phones and more common “non-smart” phones that may be used by many drivers.

The integration with MacroPoint enables the sending of individual load-tracking requests directly to the driver’s phone and displays vehicle location-tracking data as check-calls during load execution within TMWSuite.

TMW said the combined solution is “ideal for gaining visibility to individual brokered loads or to loads carried by owner-operators or other third-party drivers. The patented MacroPoint technology can be used for basic, brokered freight management, but in combination withTMWSuite, the solution expands load visibility across a much broader range of service providers and vehicle drivers than has previously been possible.”

“Introducing the option for simple and convenient, load-based tracking for customers of our TMWSuite TMS means that they can improve their competitive position with shippers, expanding the near real-time shipment visibility data they can make available,” noted TMW Systems president David Wangler.

The announcement was made this week during the annual TMW user conference and exhibition, TransForum 2013, held in Anaheim, CA.


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