Track, manage mobile workers more effectively

Roadnet Technologies has released a new mobile management and tracking tool to help companies more effectively track and manage mobile employees.

The MobileCast On Track is a real-time management and tracking tool. It is designed to increase the accountability of mobile employees, improve face time with customers, improve overall customer service, and enhance top line revenue.

“For companies that depend on the achievement of consistent sales, merchandising and activities through other mobile employees, it is critical to maintain a proper level of face time with customers to satisfy corporate goals,” said Len Kennedy, CEO. “The deployment of MobileCast On Track provides a powerful tool to track, analyze and manage the day-to-day movement of mobile staff and alter behavior to more effectively match corporate goals and objectives.”

MobileCast On Track is available for use on GPS-enabled mobile devices and smartphones such as Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows and Java enabled phones. The mobile workforce tracking software can be used independent of the Roadnet Transportation Suite system.

MobileCast On Track includes a number of reports, such as a Resource Stop List, which provides a comprehensive overview of the workday for an organization’s mobile workforce. The report reveals each of the stops completed, including arrival, departure and total stop times, which can be used to analyze and improve behaviors and interactions with the customer. The “manage by exception” feature provides visibility to those mobile employees who are off-schedule. Managers of mobile employees have the ability to pinpoint the location of employees instantaneously.

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