Trailer GPS tracking added to TMWSuite

Trailer GPS tracking added to TMWSuite

A new integration between TMW Systems and Spireon will make available a GPS trailer tracking solution to TMWSuite users.

The system pulls data from Spireon’s FleetLocate solution into TMW’s TWMSuite and TMT Fleet Maintenance solutions. The TMWSuite integration captures GPS position information from the trailer, whether tethered or not, for visibility to all trailers to support dispatch operations.

“FleetLocate is a unique trailer platform that provides continual, real-time views of an entire trailer fleet,” said Scott Vanselous, CMO, TMW Systems. “Through the partnership with FleetLocate, our customers receive valuable operational and reporting capabilities within TMWSuite and TMT Fleet Maintenance software to improve utilization and reduce costs associated with their trailers.”

By knowing exactly where their trailers are at any given time, users will be able to adjust trailer inventory, track actual mileage, and maximize equipment usage.

The integration provides automatic scheduling of preventive maintenance work based on actual miles travelled and automatically alerts the maintenance department when a trailer requiring repairs or maintenance enters the yard.

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