Transfix launches fully digital job booking system for carriers

Truckload freight logistics services provider Transfix has introduced online load booking and rate negotiation capabilities for carriers. The added features allow truckers and carriers "to find desirable loads and book them instantly or expedite negotiating a rate," according to the company.


At least 10% of all truck miles are driven empty every year as carriers try to find loads that match their equipment and availability, Transfix says, and are booked relying on a manual process of monitoring load boards, making phone calls and waiting for return calls from brokers. Carriers or their dispatchers can accept and book a load or counter offer to negotiate a higher rate from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop through the Transfix website.


As a result, the booking system enables carriers to reduce deadhead miles, wait times and time spent searching and negotiating for a load — all translating into better operational planning and more revenue, according to Transfix.


"The traditional process of finding, negotiating and booking loads is extremely time-consuming and frustrating for carriers and there's little transparency built into the process," said Drew McElroy, co-founder and CEO of Transfix. "Since trucking is part of our team's identity, we're able to provide the answers to the questions we know all carriers ask up front, simplifying the booking process and helping them to make the load and rate decisions that are best for their business."


Transfix uses data and technology to match carriers to loads based on several factors including frequently driven routes, equipment type, or the carrier's current or headquarters position, enabling them to reduce business inefficiencies, the company claims. Carriers who work with Transfix receive daily email notifications on available loads that match their profile. These notifications link to a page that displays all of the information carriers need to feel confident booking a shipment, including the rate, pickup and delivery locations, appointment times, trailer type, required loading and unloading equipment and more.


In addition to carriers, dispatchers and booking representatives can use Transfix to streamline workflows as well. Often responsible for booking multiple trucks at any one time, dispatchers can book loads that are relevant for drivers and negotiate loads in just a few steps, with the ability to work in advance in order to optimize revenues as well as truckers' time.




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