Transponder protection service launched

A new transponder protection service designed to protect customers from damaged transponder fees has been launched by BestPass.

The two-part service includes a custom form-fitted plastic transponder case, as well as transponder remediation and cleaning performed when the device is returned to BestPass, the company said.

BestPass transponders are used for toll payment and weigh-station bypass and are leased from the New York State Thruway Authority, which assesses a damage fee if a returned transponder has physical or cosmetic damage beyond normal wear and tear.

“We recently had a customer return 150 transponders, of which more than half appeared to be damaged,” said Robin Meszaros, manager of customer support and billing operations. “Our transponder protection service could have saved that customer those fees - which have the potential to reach $3,000.00. Transponder damage includes ink marks, adhesive residue, cracks, and more. Basically anything that might cause the Thruway Authority to have to recondition the device before using it with another customer.”

To protect the transponder, BestPass will supply a two-part clear plastic case that snaps around the outside of the transponder to proactively protect it from harm. The case also provides the added benefit of allowing customers to label the devices on top of the case, or use their preferred adhesive on the case to mount the transponder without worrying about incurring transponder damage fees. The second part of the program is the transponder remediation and cleaning, which attempts to retroactively protect against damage fees by thoroughly cleaning each transponder before returning it to the New York State Thruway Authority.


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