Vnomics announces partnerships with CAMS Software and SpeedGauge

Cincinnati. Vnoimics Corp. selected the National Private Truck Council’s (NPTC) 2014 Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition here this week to announce that its real-time fleet management solution is now integrated with transportation management software from CAMS Software Corp.  Vnomics also announced that it has added SpeedGauge to its platform.

Vnomics provides drivers and fleet owners with real-time feedback and insight into the performance of both drivers and equipment.  The company’s In-Cab Advisor driver coaching program is designed to help improve driver performance by continuously monitoring interactions between  driver behavior, the vehicle, load, terrain and environmental factors. Then it uses a patented algorithm to identify the optimal way to operate a particular vehicle.

In the cab, drivers receive real-time alerts for activities such as hard acceleration, speeding, improper shifting and idling. For example, an audible reminder sounds when the driver is in a wrong gear, has passed a speed threshold or is idling too long.

CAMS is a supplier of routing, dispatch, activity-based driver payroll, and backhaul optimization solutions for the private fleet distribution market.

“We are excited to partner with CAMS Software to bring more efficiency to our grocery and retail customers,” said Mari McGowan, director of product management for Vnomics. “The real-time capture and delivery of critical trip and delivery information helps our customers save time and ensure accurate reporting of activity-based pay…Not only does Vnomics offer the flexibility to report activity based on customers’ processes, but our flexible architecture also reduces implementation time and minimizes disruption to customers’ business operations.”

Richard Taylor, director of CAMS business operations noted that, “Together, CAMS and Vnomics partnered to listen [to] and understand the customer requirements and seamlessly integrated our systems to deliver additional value to the end user.”

SpeedGauge, using Vnomics’ location based information, compares vehicle speeds to posted speed limits for all interstates, side roads, and rural and urban streets – anywhere a speed limit is posted. Fleets using the enhanced Vnomics system can also set customized speeding thresholds to receive reports of all incidents that exceed those limits. Reporting options offer a street view map of the location where the speeding event occurred.

“Our industry has come to appreciate that speeding matters everywhere, and fleet safety managers are thrilled when they learn that they can monitor speed everywhere their vehicles operate,” said SpeedGauge CEO, Jonathan Hubbard. "SpeedGauge is very excited to partner with Vnomics and further improve safety ratings and fleet efficiency for their customers.” 

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