Verizon Telematics Super Bowl 2018 infographic
Verizon Telematics' fleet data comparison gives an edge to New England over Philadelphia.

Who wins, New England or Philadelphia?

So who prevails this Sunday in the Big Game — New England or Philadelphia? That's yet to be seen, but Verizon Telematics compared data from more than 6,000 fleet vehicles in Boston and Philly to pit the two cities head-to-head, relating it to football stats.

The company put together a new infographic to mark the occasion. In it, Verizon noted the Philadelphia vehicles covered 8% more total miles than those in Boston. But the Patriots lead in overall distance, with more offensive yards through the season.

There were significantly fewer instances of hard braking — 25% — in Boston than Philadelphia, Verizon found. The company equated hard braking to a QB sack and again gives the nod to the Patriots, who were sacked 201 times this season vs. the Eagles' 230.

Philadelphia drivers also are more unsafe, according to Verizon Telematics data. The Boston fleet data showed 25% fewer incidents of unsafe/ distracted driving, the same as with hard braking. It's like how a lack of focus can lead to throwing a pass that's intercepted, and the Patriots beat the Eagles with a lower ratio of those.

Verizon Telematics also rolled in speeding, finally assessing the Eagles an edge over the Patriots in speed on the field. On the road, though, Boston wins, with 29% less speeding overall.  

In terms of fleet data, New England (Boston, at least) takes a pretty clear lead. And while the Patriots might have some better stats and an advantage this Sunday, "we'll know more after the Big Game," Verizon Telematics pointed out.


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