Xata Turnpike now offering household carriers log simplification

Xata Corp. has released Xata Turnpike Multiple Management Authority, a new tracking tool designed for fleet managers of household goods carriers who supervise drivers hauling under multiple operating authorities.

The solution allows drivers to streamline logbook compliance and eliminate errors and missing information by converting to electronic logs. According to Christian Schenk, vice president-market development & product marketing, drivers working for multiple authorities are required to keep multiple logs, a time-consuming process that can increase the opportunity for errors when handled with traditional paper logbooks.

“Xata Turnpike is the first and only hours of service (HOS) and performance management solution that includes multiple authority management for household goods carriers,” said Schenk. “Drivers and fleet managers now can effectively manage HOS across multiple entities, or authorities, with the precision of electronic logs.”

More information on the product is available at http://www.brainshark.com/xata/MultipleAuthority.

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