XRS tabs Capella Learning Solutions for educational programs

XRS Corp. has retained Capella Learning Solutions to develop learning coursework for its new software platform, XRS. The courseware comprises the online XRS Learning Lab that focuses on fleet managers and drivers.

“The way people learn is dramatically changing and we have reflected that in our XRS Learning Lab,” said Jay Coughlan, chairman and CEO of XRS. “No longer do fleet managers and drivers want to sit in seminars, page through manuals or watch endless YouTube videos. They want to access training and support anywhere, anytime, using any device. We’ve built the XRS Learning Lab on these same principles.”

Capella Learning Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Capella Education Company, develops and operates online learning institutes in select industries. The company’s focus is to provide integrated online learning solutions for high-stakes applications that drive strategic results.

“Capella understands that people learn differently and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Too often in this industry, we have seen customer learning treated as an afterthought. We are making it a forethought,” said Scott Meyer, chief marketing and strategy officer of XRS. “We are impressed with Capella’s powerful interactive e-learning platform and its ability to engage learners. With the XRS Learning Lab, our customers will be able to run XRS faster and with better, more meaningful results than any other platform that’s available today.”

Beginning in the fall of 2013, XRS customers will be able to access the XRS Learning Lab through smartphones and tablets, as well as a web browser, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 “We are thrilled to be partnering with XRS to provide its customers rapid, easy access to learning and offer effective knowledge transfer and performance improvement,” said Kevin Gilligan, chairman and CEO for Capella Education Co. “Because Capella is focused on delivering online learning, we have developed a very advanced and powerful learning platform that will undoubtedly give XRS customers a distinct advantage.”

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