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Halo-Connect-CoverGraphic_v5.png Aperia Technologies

Aperia enhances tire management solutions with expanded Halo Connect

Paired with Halo Tire Inflator, Connect offers live service insights, tire tread depth, replacement tracking.

ATLANTA — Tire management tech company Aperia Technologies is expanding its tire analytics platform that helps fleets cut down on unplanned tire-related downtime. 

After a limited release earlier this year, the Halo Connect platform now features precise vehicle location and service insights, in addition to tire tread depth and replacement tracking, to further simplify fleet tire maintenance decisions. The company made the announcement at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) Show at the Georgia World Congress Center. 

Halo Connect is available for use on vehicles equipped with the company’s Halo Tire Inflator, an automatic tire inflation system for trucks and trailers. The full launch is scheduled for November. 

“The Halo itself installs in about five minutes, and the Halo Connect activity portion installs in about 30 minutes,” said Judith Monte, the company’s vice president of marketing. “To give you an example, I installed this in five minutes in our (NACV exhibition) booth today. It bolts right on with a bracket and a couple of bolts in five minutes—so substantially less cost to install. There’s no tapping or drilling of axles.”

The Halo Tire Inflator has been on the market since 2015, Monte said. “It’s the only solution available today for tractors as well as trailers,” she said, adding that the inflator is also simple to install. 

Halo Connect gives fleet managers and service partners basic and real-time views of tire health at a fleet-wide and vehicle level. Monte said these insights can reduce tire and operational costs by identifying and addressing issues well before they become problems that impact fleet operations. 

“It’s hard to prove you avoided something like a tire blowout — but this system gives customers high confidence their trucks will avoid incidences,” said Josh Carter, Aperia’s president and CEO. “So that’s supporting some really strong ROI studies.”

Halo Connect uses algorithms developed over more than five years and a billion miles to deliver the tire management system. Monte said it increases Aperia’s goal to transform the way fleets interact with their tires. The platform categorizes tire-related issues by severity and provides maintenance recommendations, enabling fleets to prevent tire failure due to leaks, under-inflation, and wear by streamlining communication and tire maintenance.

“We’ve seen fleets report a 90-plus percent reduction in tire-related emergency roadside service since implementing Halo Connect in their fleet,” said Carter.

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