Fleets using Goodyear's new system are conducting up to 25% more tire inspections in the same amount of time. (Photo: Neil Abt/Fleet Owner)

Goodyear introduces new tire management program

ATLANTA. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. introduced a new management program to help fleets better track the condition of their tires.

“Today, most tire technicians measure inflation and tread depth levels with a manual gauge, jot down the results on a piece of paper, and later may key the data into a computer – sometimes taking days to relay the information back to a fleet. We saw an opportunity to streamline this procedure and increase speed and accuracy,” said Johnny McIntosh, Goodyear's general manager of commercial business solutions. 

McIntosh said fleets using the new subscription service are able to conduct up to 25% more tires inspections in the same amount of time.

A technician uses the Goodyear Tire Optix system. (Photo: Goodyear)

With Tire Optix, technicians use a special scanning device to electronically record air pressure and tread depth. This information automatically uploads via Bluetooth to a cloud-based platform in real time. Data can then be downloaded through the new Goodyear Tire Optix App for immediate viewing by fleets. 

By seeing information in real time, fleets can “identify maintenance opportunities and immediately adjust their tire management programs, if needed,” said McIntosh.”

Goodyear’s network is made up of more than 2,300 tire centers and dealers throughout North America.

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