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080719 Pirelli tires_edited.jpg Photo: Prometeon Tyre Group

New Pirelli tires for regional applications

The Pirelli Branded R89 Series Tire Line is being launched in the North American Market by Prometeon Tyre Group Commercial Solutions, an entity designing, manufacturing and selling Pirelli Branded TBR, agricultural and off-the-road tires in the U.S. and Canada.

The R89s are dedicated to regional market applications and are being introduced after extensive testing across the U.S. and Canada. Featuring drive (both open and closed shoulder) and steer applications, the line will be available in an extended range of tire sizes within year-end to address various vocational segments.

Featuring Prometeon technology tailored to the North American market, the R89 Series provides fleets with high mileage, fuel savings and outstanding traction in all weather conditions.

Key features include:

  • High mileage and even wear – the tire construction and tread profile design deliver an optimized footprint, resulting in even wear and long tread life, according to the company.
  • Fuel efficiency – its tread compound withstands high scrub conditions associated with regional operations, achieving even wear, long tread life and fuel savings.
  • Consistent performance In all road conditions – new, innovative tire tread patterns and profiles will help prevent impact damage, allowing a uniform distribution of load and torque (for drive) and precise handling (for steer), therefore resulting in even wear and long tread life in every wheel position.
  • High retreadability – Pirelli’s patented Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck (SATT) combined with Hexa Bead Wire delivers excellent retreadability.

“The R89 series is the new milestone of our product strategy developed specifically for the North American market, delivering premium Tier 1 tire performance and excellent operational savings and the first tire family being launched this year,” said Aleksandar Gramatikov, CEO North America for Prometeon Tyre Group Commercial Solutions.

Photo: Prometeon Tyre Group080719 Pirelli tires.jpg

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