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Cracking a cold Ferrari case

Cracking a cold Ferrari case

It’s not every day you recover a stolen Ferrari sports car; and it’s certainly even rarer to recover one lost to theft for nearly three decades.

But, as the saying goes in the law enforcement community, the wheels of justice never stop turning.

Though it looks like, at least in this particular auto theft case, those wheels may have indeed come to a stop.


Vehicle theft, by the by, is not going away. Despite all sorts of technological advances geared to making cars harder to steal, car thieves continue to update their skill sets as stealing vehicles a very lucrative criminal enterprise.

Perhaps ironically, California is home to the cities with the highest rates of auto theft in the nation, as the Golden State is in many ways the ancestral home of the nation’s “car culture,” spawned by cinematic classics such as American Graffiti.

And this isn’t just about cars, either, as trucks – especially pickups – are highly prized by thieves as this story explains.

It’s just one more thing for vehicle owners and operators to worry about.

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