Disco dancing at the construction site

Disco dancing at the construction site

Artist Benedetto Bufalino has a penchant for turning the mundane into works of art. He has converted an old phone booth (who remembers those?) into a fish tank, a small car into a hot tub; and a skateboard into a magic carpet.

But it’s probably safe to say that one of the French artist’s latest creations might be the most productive. Bufalino converted a cement mixer into a large disco ball. A working cement mixer at that.

Bufalino titled his creation, appropriately enough, Disco Ball Cement Mixer. The truck was parked in Lyon, France, for three days earlier this month. And under just the right light (spotlights were used), when the barrel rolled, the dancin’ started.

Where are the Bee Gees when we need them?

You can check out the video below:

You can check out more of Bufalino’s work at https://www.benedettobufalino.com/.

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