Trucks at Work

Fire it up!

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, there’s only one thing you can do: hammer down on the accelerator and punch on through!

Not perhaps the wisest words when diesel is up over four dollars a gallon (with gasoline not far behind), but then again, humans always have a knack for damning the proverbial torpedoes and going full speed ahead.

For example, take stunt driver extraordinaire Ken Blockand his most recent “drifting” extravaganza below entitled GYMKHANA FOUR.

This is but one of several appearances made by Block and his supercharged Ford Fiesta in this space, and he’s also one of four “coaches” on the new Octane Academy television series sponsored by Ford Motor Co.

[For fun, check out the creation of what’s been dubbed the “Ultimate Motorcross Truck” for Block and his crew by West Coast Customs, a firm made famous by the “Pimp My Ride”  program developed by MTV.]

Of course, no paean to stunt driving is complete without a shout out to Mark Aisbett and his world-class ability to make a loaded big rig do his bidding.

Again, perhaps these are not the best of pursuits when fuel prices keep climbing up into the stratosphere. But they sure are fun to watch. 

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