Growth the right way

Growth the right way

I had the pleasure of visiting Mascot Truck Parts in Mississauga, ON, this week. Mascot is an ArvinMeritor company. The purpose of the visit was for ArvinMeritor and Mascot to showcase a new, 100,000 sq. ft. production facility.Mascot

While admittedly, the remanufacturing process of transmissions, drivelines and the such is not my forte, one thing I do understand is service. Throughout the tour given to members of the assembled media and Mascot customers, a common theme kept running through my head – customer service – probably because the topic of the customer came up over and over again.

Most truck owners and fleet managers probably do not even know who Mascot is, as the company sells only to wholesalers and OEMs. But, if you’ve ever bought a remanufactured part, there’s a good chance that your truck includes a Mascot product.

From a sales call center to the thorough testing and certification process – Mascot is an ISO certified company – the company focuses on providing quality parts in a quick and efficient manner. That’s who they are.

Transmissions“We’re a private-label type of business,” Mascot president Glenn Hanthorn told me. “That’s why many people don’t know who we are, and that’s fine because we’re comfortable with that.”

Well, let me tell you who Mascot is.

Mascot was founded in 1936 as an automotive parts specialist. In the 1960s, the company evolved into an aftermarket player in the heavy-duty truck business. In the late 1990s, the company became involved in all-makes remanufacturing, something that parent ArvinMeritor has been very pleased with.

“The key to this, from an ArvinMeritor side, is we don’t sell to the end customer, and they fit right into that scenario,” Terry Livingston, ArvinMeritor Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket gm-North America, told me. “They’re the middle guy, so that’s worked well for us.”

Mascot now produces remanufactured drivelines, differentials, transmissions and steering components with several manufacturing facilities throughout Canada. Walking through the facility, it was easy to see why Mascot’s products are so popular. A clean and well thought-out plant complements the experienced staff – all 153 of them – Mascot has in place.

And if you need to order a part from dealer, and it’s a Mascot remanufactured part, you’ll likely have it no later than the next morning. That translates to a quicker fix, putting your truck back on the road quickly.

Now that’s service no matter how you look at it.