Join ATA and support our troops

Join ATA and support our troops

The American Trucking Association has once again teamed up with Operation Interdependence for the Share the Road program to deliver non-perishable items to make care packages for U.S. soldiers serving overseas.

cheney_troops.jpgShare the Road drivers brought donated items to a distribution center in Grand Junction, CO. Local volunteers, including members of the Navy, Marines and Air Force, unloaded the tractor-trailers for inclusion in care packages.

“The trucking industry is proud to give back to our soldiers overseas,” said Elisabeth Barna, ATA’s vp-strategic planning & outreach. “ATA is honored to partner with Operation Interdependence® to deliver these items that will support our troops.”

Operation Interdependence is a non-profit supporting military logistical infrastructure. This is the fourth transport of goods under the program.

While many of us have returned to normalcy in the years since 9/11, it is important to remember that for hundreds of thousands of Americans, the War on Terror still goes on. From the troops still fighting for their lives each day in Iraq and Afghanistan, to their families here at home, it’s important to remember the sacrifices they are making.

If you’re interested in helping out, there are plenty of organizations offering services to our troops and their families. To learn more about Operation Interdependence, visit