Lift truck safety should not be ignored

Lift truck safety should not be ignored

It’s a subject that is often taken for granted. Except for those injured by lift trucks. Lift trucks are vital to the operations of warehouses and, if not used properly, also very deadly.

fork_lift_truck_driver_training.jpgFor anyone who operates a lift truck, or employers who utilize lift trucks in their operation, I don’t need to tell you that. But, there are organizations out there that can help. In North America, the Industrial Truck Association is gearing up for its fall conference, to be held Oct. 24 through Oct. 26, in Austin, TX. Undoubtably a wonderful opportunity to network and learn more about the industry. You must be an ITA member to attend, but like any industry organization, the experiences and lessons you can learn from others far outweigh any potential costs of attending.

ITA, though, can be just a starting place to learn about safety. Manufacturers, such as Toyota Material Handling, Clark Material Handling, CAT Lift Trucks and others, can serve as wonderful resources.

In England, the Fork Lift Truck Association is readying for its Safety Week from Sept. 21-27. As part of that, the organization’s web site offers free tips, tools, and other resources to support lift truck safety. Tips that can be beneficial to all.

Unfortunately, most injuries involving lift trucks occur not the operator, but to innocent bystanders. A little safety knowledge can go a long way.