Mike's trucking: Working it

Today we find our intrepid reporter Mike O'Neill and the world-renowned journalist driving his truck, the inimitable David Kolman, pushing ever southwesterly with at least one eye on the road-- and the other firmly glued on what the future may hold for them...

Day Four: Working it

Clip 1: "Not off to a good start..."

It rained last night in Lincoln, and luckily that was the only rain we’ve seen so far. We’re now heading west on I-80 and we’re passing some interesting sites – two of the more noteworthy being an original Pony Express Station and Buffalo Bill’s Ranch. David keeps nagging me about wanting to stop. He must have asked ten times. Well, we certainly will not be stopping. Someone in this truck has to be sensible.

Saw a man and woman team actually switch positions between driving and passenger while on the fly. I’m just glad they did it in Nebraska where the roads are flat and straight.

Clip 2: "We got a glitch in the giddy-up..."

Just about half way through the trip, now would seem like a good time to calculate our expenses and see if this do-it-yourself program really works. Here’s what we’ve spent so far:

Fuel: $ 550.86

Lodging: $ 300.36

Meals: $ 92.88

Tolls: $ 26.15

Miscellaneous: $ 1,005.55

TOTAL: $ 2,526.66

Well, based on the above, I guess I would be hard-pressed to make a case for moving yourself to save money. We need to get this done for less than $ 4,500 to justify the trip. That’s the lowest price I received from a professional moving service.

Then again, maybe I need to cut back on miscellaneous. We’ll do our best to watch that the rest of the way.

Clip 3:"Got a date with freight that can't wait..."

I purposely omitted the cost of the Penske truck. As mentioned earlier, the discount we received was substantial. Blog readers – please do not contact Penske for a similar deal, unless of course, you have an editor with you as celebrated and influential as David Kolman. So once again, thank you Penske.

In fact, I’m so grateful, I’d like to use this space to shamelessly state that I am fully prepared to offer Penske (or anyone else for that matter) professional public relations counseling at a significantly discounted rate. If you are interested, please let me know. References will be happily supplied upon request. Feel free to call my cell phone while we’re on the road. I’m not driving and I have no intention of doing so. The number is 215-485-1282.

Speaking of work, David needs a job. So if there is anyone out there looking for a very good hire, David’s your man. Penske-- he lives about an hour and a half from Reading, and wouldn’t mind the commute at all. He’s a very good driver, and an even better communicator.

I’d like to close today’s blog by sharing with our readers the motto at O’Neill Public Relations. "We sometimes doze but we never close." And I have to thank Global Don for coming up with that one.

--Mike O'Neill