Plan to open Mexico-US border moves forward

Plan to open Mexico-US border moves forward

An initial plan to restart a version of the cross-border trucking program has moved through the first step and is now heading to Capitol Hill for review according to the Washington Times.

mexico_export_03241.jpgIt’s about time. Right after Congress and President Obama officially stopped funding the pilot program - essentially killing it – the administration has said it would put together a new program for Congressional review. That was in March.

Since that time, Mexico has slapped more than $2 billion in tariffs on U.S. goods heading into that country. Whatever you thought about the program, the fact is U.S. businesses are being hurt by the tariffs. A solution needs to happen and happen soon.

According to the Times article, the California apricot industry has fallen off 60% since a 45% tariff went into effect and Mary Kay Cosmetics is paying $450,000 a month in tariff-related charges.

There were no details as to what a new program would look like, but the American Trucking Assns., the Teamsters and others had their say recently with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Here’s hoping that a new program is in place soon.