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The show of shows

The show of shows

In terms of sheer size, nothing tops the Mid America Trucking Show when it comes to such events.


It’s almost too much for one person to try and experience everything going on at Mid America over the course of three days – even for reporters like myself that get to that spend a day BEFORE the show doors officially open attending press conferences and walking the floor for a sneak peak at what’s going on.

But after trekking all over the hard concrete and asphalt in and around Louisville's famous Expo center for four days (functioning on more coffee and less sleep than ever before) I think we can safely say I got a fair glimpse of a goodly part of this (at least for now) annual ritual.

For those of you that couldn’t make it this year (and with the economy in the dumps the way it is, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if you skipped it) or if you just want to relieve some of Mid America’s more interesting moments, I’ve compiled a short “musical review” of this year’s event.

[And we tip our hat to long time blog reader Steve Myers for the musical score on this one. He requested a “country music” theme for a change … and we were more than happy to oblige.]

Of course, one of the things I look forward to most at Mid America every year is the chance to peruse the many show trucks on display – and boy were there some exceptional vehicles for me to see. I’ve complied a short video showing off three of what I thought were the most interesting rigs; see what you think of them.

I’ll note in closing here that these represent just the first of many different stories coming out of Mid America this year. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading (and seeing) them unfold in this space in the days (and weeks) ahead.