Speed all you want, and let someone else pay

Speed all you want, and let someone else pay

A new service has been launched by a California company that it hopes will catch on. Prepaid traffic tickets. That’s right, pay for your speeding before it happens.

The company, Prepaid Traffic Tickets, founded by Keith Kelly, believes the tickets are a way to encourage safe driving. I think they’re just an invitation to speed.

traffic-ticket-4.jpg“The idea came to me while playing Monopoly with my kids, when I drew the ‘Get-Out-of-Jail-Free’ card,” says Kelly. “As I picked up the card, I flashed back to a recent speeding ticket and resulting traffic school. A light bulb came on, the dots connected, and here we are.”

People buy vouchers in various amounts – from $50 to $200 – and for various lengths of time – from 60 days to 6 months. The retail prices vary from $10 up to $80 depending on the value of the voucher and length purchased. The company says one of the most popular vouchers is the $100 voucher, which costs just $13.33.

Will this catch on? And does it really promote safe driving? I doubt it, but Kelly certainly thinks so.

“Don’t get us wrong on this, please,” says Kelly. “We see these vouchers as a means of communicating the all-important message of safe driving. People who receive these vouchers, whether they keep them for themselves, or pass them along as a gift, should think of the vouchers like a string tied around their finger – as a reminder of something. In this case the message is: Drive safely, because it matters – to everyone.”

Prepaid Traffic Tickets is selling the vouchers to aftermarket automotive and motorcycle parts and accessory companies, but also sees traffic schools as a potential market. Really? We’re going to train teenagers to drive and then immediately give them a voucher that will help cover the cost of a speeding ticket and this somehow will promote safe driving?

I just don’t see how this “advancement” in safe driving techniques improves driving safety in any way? But, if anybody is looking for a gift for me this year, I could use a few vouchers.