Trucks at Work

Stunt driving!

Doing slides with the right techniques allows you to do them faster while still having the same safety margin … this is HUGE.” --Mark Aisbett, stunt driver

I’ve always been in awe of stunt drivers. I mean, these are men and women who perform the most amazing feats with automobiles and big trucks – feats that, as we all know, are EXTREMELY dangerous, so don’t try anything you see in the videos below at home (PLEASE!)

I’m in awe of such capabilities because (of course) I DON’T have them. Barreling down the road at 65 mph on a crowded highway in ye olde minivan (as I like to call my “ride") is enough to make me break out in a cold sweat.

The time I rode shotgun in a stock car going 162 mph nearly sent me to the funny farm for an extended visit (it took TWO hours for my hands to stop shaking after THAT experience.)

So folks that can glide and slide both cars and trucks in all manner of positions – and at high speeds – astounds me each and every time I see it.

Take, for example, Mark Aisbett – a veteran stunt driver with his own school for learning how to do this kind of stuff. He took a big rig out for a spin and made some spot-on stops, at high speed, with the trailer sliding way out of position – as you’ll see below.

Now take a gander at a stunt driving team Cadillac hired for a show last year at Shanghai's Formula 1 Circuit, all to celebrate the introduction of Cadillac’s newest sedan in China.

Be sure to watch John Heinricy at the wheel of a Cadillac CTS-V at the end of the clip below set a speed record for production vehicles at Shanghai’s F1 course of just a hair over 2 minutes and 32 seconds.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!