Taking a chance on trucking

Taking a chance on trucking

In this tight economy, it’s always a pleasure to see positive stories about trucking. I saw just that last week when I received a press release about a new company forming in Indiana.

Rapid Freight Solutions, a full-service transportation services company providing truckload, dedicated, less than truckload, expedited freight, specialized automobile transportation and intermodal container drayage service, was founded by sisters Megan Bissmeyer and Jenny Kehrer.

“Jenny and I are anxious and eager for the challenges that lie ahead of us,” said Megan, the company’s CEO. “Despite the recent downturn in the economy, there are endless opportunities in this industry, and although it won't be easy, we are confident that we have put the right people and resources in place to be successful.”

rapid.jpgThe two are quickly proving they have the right stuff, sending their first load out on Sept. 18. The company expects to have 15 power units operational by the end of the year with plans to expand to 30 in 2010 and 50 the following year. Rapid Freight Solutions’ fleet will include dry vans, open car haulers, tankers and flatbeds. But more importantly, showcasing their smart business sense, the sisters, who both worked for Carmel, IN-based Performance Marketing Group for the past 14 years, purchased much of their equipment at reduced rates.

“We were able to establish the infrastructure of our company for a fraction of the cost we might have in years past through the selective purchase of our equipment,” said Jenny Kehrer, COO. “That will serve us well over the long run.”

Veteran industry presence Lenny Sales has been hired as operations and sales manager. And with more than 20 years of experience, Sales knows a winner when he sees one.

“Rapid Freight Solutions has a blueprint for success and a detailed plan in place for growth,” he said. “There is something at RFS that has long been missing in the transportation industry. This is a company with a vision of redefining how transportation should be approached - raising the bar in all aspects of the business and changing the entire perception of what a trucking company should look like and act like. It is no longer a race to see who can do the job the cheapest and hope to make a profit. It is building relationships with customers and employees alike and putting integrity back into the equation.”

The goal, Megan said, is to “create one of the finest transportation services in the nation that will emphasize quality, safety and performance.”

Whether the company succeeds in this difficult climate, we’ll have to wait and see. But it is certainly off on the right foot.