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Telling trucking’s tales via video

Telling trucking’s tales via video

Seeing is believing, as the old saying goes; often as a way to open up human eyes to the possibilities presented by a particular situation.

In trucking’s “particular situation” such “seeing” is desperately needed, as the industry remains hindered by a lack of drivers while John Q. Public remains almost horribly ignorant regarding the vital service commercial  vehicles play in terms of keeping our economy rolling.

That’s where I think video can make a difference.

Take for example the recent speed records set by Volvo’s one-of-a-kind “Iron Knight” truck; a super-fast vehicle that required a lot of technical know-how to create. It’s these kinds of events that can hopefully pique the interest of the younger generation and get them to give the motor carrier industry a look:

Everyday trucking, of course, doesn’t come close to the “flash and glory” of chasing speed records. Driving big rigs, especially in today’s crowded and tight urban locales, takes an awful lot of skill.

Back in February, one driver in particular demonstrated the kind of skill needed to get a tractor-trailer safely and soundly around a sharp street corner:

One of the attractions to driving a truck for a living is getting to see America in all of its glory … including its “kitschy” side.

Allie Knight is one of many trucks drivers who chronicle their freight-hauling travels across the U.S., with all sorts of interesting stopovers along the way, such as this one at the famous “Mall of America” in Minnesota:

So many adventures, so little time.

Too bad most of America doesn’t give trucking more than a passing glance, for it’s an industry chock-full of all sorts of great stories.

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