Trucks at Work

Time to get a little crazy!

So that ultimate automotive whirling dervish, Ken Block, is at it again – crafting a 12 minute film of positively hypnotic horsepower (845 to be exact) that screams across sections of Los Angeles with high-octane intensity. Here, see for yourself:

This seventh installment of Block’s thunderous “Gymkhana” series of automotive gymnastics (for lack of a better term) features a one-of-a-kind all-wheel-drive supercharged 1965 Mustang in the leading role.

Indeed, it calls to mind the cinematic chase scene that gave Ford Motor Co.’s Mustang iconic status in American culture, courtesy of Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

Parts of Black’s latest epic also call to mind some of the darker milieu of the Mad Max film series originally crafted by Australians George Miller and Byron Kennedy back in the 1980s; films about to undergo a “reboot” of sorts starting next year.

One thing is for certain in all of this: despite many protestations to the contrary, the motor vehicle retains an outsized grip on many portions of the American psyche.

And while I for one could never muster the courage the blast along at even a tenth of Ken Block’s speed, at the end of the day, it sure is fun to watch.

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