Trucks at Work
Time for some truck videos

Time for some truck videos

Seeing is believing; that’s how the old saying goes. In the case of trucks, large and small, video helps shine a light not just upon the capability but the spirit embedded in such rolling iron.

Let’s start with a pair of videos from Ford Motor Co. centered on its 2017 model F-Series Super Duty.

The clip below shows the 2017 Super Duty being put to the test at Ford’s Arizona Proving Grounds.

This next clip shows customers meeting up with Ford’s Super Duty experts and engineers to get a deeper understanding of the truck’s capabilities – especially in terms of what its new aluminum alloy body brings to the work table:

Every truck maker, especially on the light side of the market, conducts a lot of testing on their products to ensure they can withstand the daily pounding of the work world. This clip shows ow General Motors put is 2014 Chevrolet Silverado pickups to the test to ensure that is “shift-on-the-fly” 4x4 system would work as advertised:

To provide a “behind the scenes look” at how it crafted the next-generation Titan pickup, Nissan Motors crafted what it called a multi-chapter “Truckumentary.” The first episode below features what the OEM called a” stroll through Nissan’s truck past” hosted by Brent Hagan of Nissan product planning:

Of course, we can talk metal, engines, and tough works conditions all day. But that doesn’t get to the spirit of what a pickup embodies, especially in rough-and-tumble rural environments. Ram Trucks captured that essence in its classic “Year of the Farmer" clip several years ago:

Stay tuned as we’ll visit videos from the medium- and heavy-duty side of the truck work in a few blog posts down the road

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