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The top five benefits of premium diesel

Whether your fleet operation is big or small, there are many important decisions to make for your business and operation.

Which fuel to use may not always be top of mind, but switching to a premium diesel can increase overall efficiency and equipment longevity.

Below are the top five benefits to using a premium diesel.

1. A higher cetane number.

Cetane measures a fuel’s ignition delay — or how quickly the air and fuel mixture combusts in your engine. Higher cetane means a shorter delay and better ignition quality, which in turn leads to faster start-ups, reduced wear on your batteries and starter along with less pollution.

2. Better lubricity.

Lubrication in an engine helps reduce overall friction. Diesel lubricants, specifically, reduce the friction and wear of the fuel pump and injection components. These engine parts are under intense pressure, so more lubrication leads to less downtime and fewer costly repairs.

3. More effective detergents.

Detergents do exactly what they sound like: keep your fuel and engine components clean. Detergents in your diesel reduce buildup on the fuel injectors. Clean parts mean less overall downtime and fewer repairs, so you can keep your fleet on the road or your equipment in the field.

4. A well-rounded additives package.

Premium diesel comes packed with additives that produce a variety of benefits. These additives include demulsifiers to keep water out of the fuel, corrosion inhibitors that extend the life of injection pumps, and stabilizers that prevent the formation of gum or sludge during storage. All these together extend the life of both the fuel and the engine.

5. Cleaner and more efficient engine components.

Your engine is cleaner and runs more efficiently when all of these are working together. Premium diesel delivers more power and better fuel economy than a regular No. 2 diesel blend. In fact, tests have shown a 4.5% increase in power compared to a typical diesel fuel.

Ron Jessen, author of this post, is director of product management and business development for Cenex brand refined fuels. Ron says he is “passionate” about developing products to help fleet owners and farmers succeed.


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