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Trucking Straight Talk is now on Facebook

For readers of this blog, I’ve made it easier to get access to the entries I write. I’ve joined Facebook.

Fleet Owner has been on Facebook for some time, but now Trucking Straight Talk has its own page. On the page, you’ll find the latest blog entries. But, I also hope to post interesting links to stories from around the web as well as interesting comments. Click here to visit the page.

My hope is that Facebook will provide a forum for some of the random thoughts that otherwise would disappear into the expanse of space. But just as importantly, it will provide the opportunity for you to comment on those thoughts, or even to add your own.

I would like the Facebook page to become a sort of social gathering place for fans of this blog as well as anyone else interested in trucking regardless of your job description.

So please head over to Facebook, search for Trucking Straight Talk and click “like” and join me for some interesting conversation.