Unique trailer brings food tasting to your local store

Unique trailer brings food tasting to your local store

sensobustruck_image1.jpgA company called Puratos operates a rather specialized trailer in its operations. The trailer is so specialized, in fact, that it was awarded a “Silver Certificate” for “Best Vehicle Design” in the 18-wheeler category at the Ex Awards, which recognize live event marketing campaigns.

The Ex Awards are put on by Event Marketer magazine.

Puratos’ trailer, the Sensobus, is a mobile laboratory for food design. Puratos, an international group based in Cherry Hill, NJ, that produces ingredients for bakery, patisserie and the chocolate sectors, takes the trailer around the country, offering consumers the chance to test out new ingredients long before they ever find their way into products.

Puratos is extremely honored to win this award, and we’re grateful to our partners at Craftsmen Industries who helped us bring the first mobile sensory unit of its kind to the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry”, says Matt Crumpton, vp-marketing at Puratos Corp. “We can drive this unit anywhere within the USA and Canada right to the very heart of where consumers go about their everyday business – so for example, a grocery store parking lot, in front of a fast food chain, or outside the food court at your local mall – we can go anywhere our customers want to conduct product preference testing.”

Inside the customized Sensobus, consumers are seated at one of eight sensory tasting booths, where they try out the latest concotion from Puratos. They are then asked questions, such as “Does the product look appetizing?”, “Which bread do you prefer?”, or “How much would you pay for this chocolate cake?.” Puratos experts record the answers and use the feedback in their research for the perfect ingredient.

Up to 300 consumers per day can enter the Sensobus and have their opinions heard. So if you see the Sensobus, feel free to stop in and enjoy a bit of chocolate.