Photo: XPO Logistics
050120 Xpo Logistics Ltl Truck Greenwich
050120 Xpo Logistics Ltl Truck Greenwich
050120 Xpo Logistics Ltl Truck Greenwich
050120 Xpo Logistics Ltl Truck Greenwich
050120 Xpo Logistics Ltl Truck Greenwich

XPO Logistics adds COVID-19 dashboard to XPO Connect

May 1, 2020
In just a few days, XPO Logistics was able to develop the dashboard so its customers can manage their supply chains in uncharted waters, according to the company's chief information officer.

XPO Logistics Inc. has introduced a new digital dashboard for shippers and carriers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company integrated the tools with its XPO Connect digital freight platform in North America and Europe.

“We’re giving our customers a central source of vital information as they manage their supply chains in uncharted waters,” said Mario Harik, chief information officer, XPO Logistics. “Our team developed the COVID-19 dashboard on the cloud and deployed it globally in a matter of days. We’ll continue to leverage our technology to rapidly respond to customer needs.”

The multilingual dashboard is located in the analytics section of XPO Connect and includes daily alerts issued by states, provinces, countries and transportation infrastructure sources, such as municipalities and airports.

XPO Connect is a multimodal, digital freight platform that provides virtual access to XPO's range of transportation services. The technology uses machine learning to become continually smarter at helping shippers and carriers buy and sell capacity.

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