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‘End of duty’ for ONE20’s ELD operations

ONE20 just announced that its apps, including its F-ELD solution, will cease operations as of June 18.

According to the company, ONE20 Inc. was launched in 2015 “as a way for drivers to get access to the tools they need to do what they do, without spending an arm and leg.”

Published reports have stated that the move comes after an announcement last week that some ONE20 properties were being consolidated under TruckThat Holdings. Christian Schenk, founder and CEO of ONE20 and president/ founder of TruckThat, has not yet returned a request for comment regarding any new structuring of the companies.

“We gave it our best shot,” the company stated on its site. “On June 18, 2018 ONE20 Inc. will be ceasing operations. We wish it wasn’t true but sometimes you win and sometimes you take one on the nose. This time it’s our turn.”

Schenk said ONE20 was developed to “empower” the men and women in the trucking industry to join a community, connect with people and job-critical information, and save money.  Now, the company has ceased operations and maintenance of its ONE20 Maps, My ONE20 and ONE20 F-ELD apps.  

“We’ll miss you and hope that you all continue to support each other the way you always have,” the company stated. “Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again down the road.”

Other ELD providers were quick to seize the opportunity, however. In response to end of ONE20’s ELD operations, ELD Solutions announced it will offer ONE20 customers 50% off ELD equipment, effective immediately. 

In addition, GeoSpace said in the last month, it has been converting truckers to its ELD solution – one that also does not require a monthly subscription for the single-user version, the company noted.

"At first we didn't understand, completely, why we were getting so many conversions from ONE20 until the announcement on Friday," noted Mark Rupert, COO of GeoSpace Labs. "We constantly get so many positive comments from drivers calling us to thank us for providing a simple working system. We have had a huge uptick in conversions over the last several weeks from many other products, but ONE20 specifically."

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