Geotab Garmin ELD Photo: Geotab Garmin

Geotab and Garmin release ELD Bundle

Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle offers "one-stop shop" for ELD compliance, companies note.

Geotab announced the availability of the Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle solution for ELD compliance.

As part of the Geotab Cloud ELD solution, the Garmin ELD Bundle offers a platform for tracking, managing and sharing Records of Duty Status (RODS). In addition to HOS reporting, automatic duty status changes and alerts for driver violations, the Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle also includes features to help businesses improve driver safety and maximize uptime, according to Geotab.

“The Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle couples Geotab’s reliable and secured fleet management platform with Garmin’s portable navigation expertise,” said Colin Sutherland, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Geotab. “This one-stop shop solution helps to simplify the electronic logging process, ultimately benefiting businesses, fleet managers and drivers alike.”

The Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle includes:

  • Geotab Cloud ELD
  • Garmin Fleet 790 android tablet with WiFi
  • HD dash camera
  • LTE connectivity
  • Vehicle charger
  • Suction cup mount

“The solution’s added benefit of WiFi and embedded cellular connectivity means that drivers will have access to highly detailed and updated maps as well as commercial truck navigation and ELD logs, directly at their fingertips,” said Chad Sallman, senior business development manager for commercial solutions at Garmin. “With the Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle, businesses can feel confident that their fleets are equipped with the tools they need.”

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