Along with a new quotsimplequot ELD offering PrePass is adding a new weigh station bypass app called MOTION Photo PrePass

Along with a new "simple" ELD offering, PrePass is adding a new weigh station bypass app called MOTION. (Photo: PrePass)

PrePass unveils ELD app for phones, tablets

Company’s bring-your-own device (BYOD) ELD app will be available in both Android and iOS formats.

ORLANDO. A new electronic logging device (ELD) and mobile weigh station bypass application are on the way from HELP Inc., the parent company of weight station bypass service provider PrePass.

PrePass said it developed an ELD offering in order to provide “a simple and economical way” to comply with the ELD mandate taking effect December 18 this year.

The company noted during a press event here at the 2017 American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition (MC&E) that its ELD operates as a bring-your-own device (BYOD) application available in both Android and iOS formats on either smart phones and table computers, which are then tethered with an OBD II (onboard diagnostic) device plugged into the truck’s diagnostic port in order to record truck movement and driver hours.

Karen Rasmussen, president and CEO of HELP, said cost of the PrePass ELD app is $14.99 per month per license and is reduced to $12.99 per month when bundled with the PrePass weigh station bypass service, though she stressed that customers do not have to subscribe to other PrePass services in order to use the company’s ELD app.

The PrePass ELD also offers Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), central web-based reporting and a OBD II wireless connection via Bluetooth. 

PrePass is also expanding its weigh station bypass service with its new MOTION app, which works in addition to HELP’s existing PrePass transponder-based service. 

According to Rasmussen, while the transponder-based bypass system remains the most accurate way to transmit a truck’s credentials to inspection facilities, PrePass MOTION was developed to help expand PrePass’s weigh station bypass service to more locations and states with weigh stations that are not equipped with PrePass’s transponder infrastructure.

She added that MOTION will be included with PrePass’s weigh station bypass service at no additional charge to existing customers. It will be available later this year for both Android and iOS devices via the PrePass web site and app stores.

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