Carrier recognizes accident-free million-mile drivers

National Carriers has recognized the following professionals for accident-free driving. Allen Smith and Sandy Smith were acknowledged for five million miles without an accident. Isidro Munoz received recognition for operating the past two million miles accident free. Jose Hernandez, Terri Hernandez, Russell Reinhard, Clarence Banks, and Jaoquin Fraire were each acknowledged for one million accident free miles.

Allen and Sandy Smith, Jose and Terri Hernandez, Reinhard, and Banks operate trucks within the refrigerated division of NCI. Munoz and Fraire own and operate trucks in the NCI livestock division.

Each driver received an embossed plague, embroidered hat and a personalized winter jacket during their recognition.

“National Carriers believes safe driving is the foundation for a successful transportation business. These drivers represent the best of the best. The “Elite” Fleet strives to keep the motoring public safe throughout the millions of miles traveled each year by NCI trucks,” exclaimed National Carriers president Jim Franck.

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