Drivewyze debuts bypass service in South Carolina at 11 locations

Drivewyze now offers its weigh station bypass service at 11 permanent and mobile sites in South Carolina increasing the number of states it now serves to 38.

Joining its service network of more than 600 weigh stations and inspection sites across the United States, the new sites are located on U.S. Interstates 20, 26, 77, and 95, plus U.S. Highway 17.

“Truck fleets and drivers traveling north and south along the I-95 corridor will now find weigh station bypass opportunities on most stretches of interstate from Maine to Florida,” said Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze. With the addition of South Carolina, Drivewyze offers weigh station bypasses in 14 of the 16 states that make up the I-95 Corridor Coalition. The coalition is an alliance of transportation agencies with jurisdiction over I-95 from the State of Maine to the State of Florida, with affiliate members in Canada.

“Drivewyze uses the latest in GPS and cellular service technology to deliver weigh station bypass instead of dated transponder technology, which can get damaged or lost,” Heath said. “Unlike short-range transponders, Drivewyze can identify trucks with more than 99 percent accuracy even when they are two miles from a weigh station. And unlike transponder-based services, which use open radio protocols, Drivewyze communications are secure and encrypted. Private fleet and driver data is never shared.”

Drivewyze accesses federal and state databases in real-time to identify the truck and carrier and determine whether the carrier meets the state’s screening criteria. Only if it meets the criteria does Drivewyze grant a bypass, the company explained. Because Drivewyze accesses the same information state law enforcement officers and commercial vehicle inspectors use, the data is always up-to-date, Heath added.

“Carriers whose safety scores improve may have to wait up to a month to see an increase in their number of bypasses, using the transponder based bypass service,” Heath said. “With Drivewyze, their bypass rates would improve immediately. Transponder-based systems can also have a much lower identification accuracy rate because drivers must drive their trucks directly under the transponder readers to get accurate readings.”

The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application comes pre-loaded on in-cab telematics and ELD devices by Omnitracs, PeopleNet, Rand McNally and Zonar. Fleets can turn on a free analytics weigh station loss reporting tool to help them determine how much Drivewyze can potentially save them before activating the subscription-based weigh station bypass service. The application is also available for Android and iOS-based tablets or smartphones.

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