First Advantage introduces online driver screening, hiring software

First Advantage Fleet Solutions, a technology-based fleet service provider specializing in driver compliance, fleet legalization, GPS telematics and risk management, announced the introduction of its new DOT Direct employment application and screening product. According to the company, DOT Direct is the first and only integrated, online employment application and screening solution designed exclusively for private and for-hire fleets.

DOT Direct allows fleets to utilize web-enabled DOT-compliant employment applications and to benefit from industry-leading candidate screening capabilities, the company said. It added that DOT Direct empowers fleets by allowing them to dispense with primitive paper applications by harnessing the power, reach and speed of the Internet to collect digital employment applications and screen them at scale.

“Fleets can post job openings on their own websites or third-party job boards and can also email a link to any candidate, connecting them to the DOT Direct portal,” according to the company. “Fleet hiring managers can collect, sort and share applications that are not only omission free, but are DOT compliant. DOT Direct also leverages the vast capabilities of First Advantage as the largest employment screening company in the world.”

“With today’s high driver turnover rates, fleets are constantly on the hunt for new drivers and while there are qualified drivers out there, finding them before your competitors do is often challenging, and that’s where DOT Direct comes in,” said Mark Carlson, senior director sales for First Advantage Fleet Solutions. “Put simply, DOT Direct helps fleets get more qualified driver candidates in their funnels to begin with and produces a higher yield of top-quality drivers as a result.”

Until now, most fleets have had to rely on outmoded and time-consuming methods as part of their driver recruiting process. Paper employment applications are often difficult to interpret and leave ample opportunity for missing and inaccurate data, the company said. Once submitted, paper applications are unwieldy, can be lost, pose privacy risks, must be manually keyed-in for DOT submission and otherwise digitized in order to share among stakeholders working in different locations.

According to the company, DOT Direct is a completely automated, cloud-based system that enhances and streamlines the application process by allowing any candidate anywhere to swiftly and accurately submit a DOT-compliant application. As the applicant fills in the data, the system prompts them when required and the application is only deemed complete when all fields are populated. Data, such as Social Security numbers, are protected, reducing a fleet’s exposure to a data breach involving a candidate’s confidential information, the company noted.

“DOT Direct gives fleets an efficient, scalable driver recruiting tool that delivers clean, accurate, digitally portable applications, eliminating data entry hassles, detective work surrounding omissions and data management-related security issues,” Carlson said. “Against the backdrop of the driver shortage, we’ve leveled the playing field, allowing fleets of all sizes to successfully compete for drivers, while saving time and increasing their speed-to-hire ratios.”

The First Advantage background-screening platform investigates all available candidate data relating to criminal history, verifications, substance abuse and motor vehicle records (MVRs). First Advantage criminal history searches include county and national criminal searches for felony, misdemeanor and sexual offenses. Verification capabilities provide information regarding a candidate’s Social Security number, credit history, education, employment and CDL, as well as international searches for domestic hires. Substance abuse screening includes DOT drug and alcohol, urine, breath alcohol and medical review officer reports.

“No company is better positioned than First Advantage to provide today’s fleets with driver compliance, fleet legalization, GPS telematics and risk management services,” Carlson said. “We are focused on the DOT space as it relates to fleets, we have a breadth of experience that includes helping more than 200,000 drivers stay DOT compliant and we have more than 17 years in the fleet solutions business.”

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