FourKites now offers flip-phone tracking

FourKites has expanded its platform to cover the small segment of truck drivers still using flip phones and other non-smartphones.

FourKites flip phone tracking service is $1 per load and smartphone tracking through its app CarrierLink is free for brokers up to 2,500 loads per month.

“Any broker that’s paying $5 per load for mobile phone tracking needs to know that they have a cheaper option,” said CEO Matt Elenjickal. “We’ve expanded our platform to track flip phones to accommodate the brokers who need to track their drivers who don’t have smartphones. Freight brokers are the backbone of the industry, and we’re committed to supporting their efforts to connect with shippers and carriers by lowering, and sometimes eliminating, unnecessary tracking costs.”

FourKites real-time location tracking gives shippers, brokers, and third-party logistics companies’ full visibility over all of their freight loads moving in their supply chain network, according to the company. FourKites geo-fencing detects arrivals and departures to notify users by email, in the FourKites dashboard, or their transportation management software (TMS). Drivers can snap photos of documents and share them as well. FourKites CarrierLink app also allows drivers to turn off tracking.

“FourKites load tracking products increase driver safety by eliminating check calls and limiting driver distraction,” the company said. “Brokers can enhance customer service by having real-time information at their fingertips, and improve their drivers’ and their own experiences by eliminating check calls and wait time at loading docks.”

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