Photo courtesy of The Healthy Trucker

Photo courtesy of The Healthy Trucker.

Healthy Fleet Challenge coming in May

Looking to get fit this season or drop a few pounds? Healthy Fleet announced its next challenge will be run through a mobile app, which will be available to all companies for free.

This new challenge follows the most recent one that took place in January and February this year, where participants lost a total of 579 lbs.

Here is some feedback reported by office staff and drivers who participated in the last Healthy Fleet Challenge:

  • 96.4% are eating better
  • 93.8% are exercising more
  • 78.1% are feeling better
  • 71.6% are sleeping better
  • 95.2% are happy that their fleet encouraged them to participate

“Based on the feedback of our participants, we are launching an iOS and Android app for our next challenge starting in May. The new app will make food and exercise tracking, coaching and team support easier for both drivers on the road and staff at the office,” according to Aaron Lindsay, vice president of marketing for Healthy Fleet.

The app will be available in April and has some new features:

  • Coaching Feed: Tips on nutrition and exercise to help participants live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Goal Setting: Participants can set goals for themselves, including feeling better, building muscle, weight loss, improving sleep, & more.
  • Team Feed: Participants can build their own team of coworkers and friends to stay motivated at work and while away from the office.
  • Feedback: Participants can receive feedback and support from their coach, friends and coworkers.
  • Personal Feed: Participants can choose to share their food and exercise with their team or keep it private and confidential between themselves and their Coach.
  • Rewards: Companies can use the app to provide rewards to provide incentives to office staff and drivers who work towards living a healthy lifestyle.

For more information on the upcoming challenge or to beta test the app during the month of April, email [email protected] Fleets that reserve a spot will be featured on the HealthyFleet homepage for the months leading up to the challenge. 

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