PrePassapproved trucks are now eligible for weigh station preclearance and bypass at new locations

Help Inc. expands PrePass truck bypassing services

PrePass-approved trucks are now eligible for weigh station pre-clearance and bypass at new locations near Mt. Pass, Calif., Superior, Wis., and Sundance, Wyo. In addition, Help Inc. announced it recently installed new weigh-in-motion (WIM) scales at two PrePass locations near Cheyenne, Wyo.

According to Help Inc., PrePass utilizes reliable transponder technology that ensures 99.9 percent accurate data transmission while keeping drivers focused on the road.

“Help continues to invest in the efficiency of our state partners and the growth of PrePass,” said Karen Rasmussen, president & CEO of Help Inc. “These investments provide benefits to the states and carriers that other screening and bypass technology cannot match. With the use of transponder technology, states can correctly identify the vehicle virtually 100 percent of the time, correlate it with the company’s safety and credentials, and accurately read the vehicle’s weight as it passes over a WIM, giving officials confidence that only qualified trucks are getting bypasses.”

For a carrier, PrePass transponders mean no delayed or dropped signals, no misidentification of the vehicle and no false bypass signals.

California was the first state to deploy PrePass technology in 1993, with 35 sites open in the state today.  Since HELP began compiling data in 1997, carriers have received over 97 million safe bypasses in the state, with an estimated industry cost savings of driver time and fuel cost equaling $695,751,795. The new Mt. Pass location is situated on I-15 south of the Nevada state line.

Wisconsin first deployed PrePass in 2001 and has enabled 3.1 million safe bypasses. The new Wisconsin site is located at highways 2 and 63 approximately six miles east of Superior. Another new PrePass site in Sundance, Wyo., resides on I-90 westbound, approximately 17 miles west of the South Dakota state line. Wyoming deployed PrePass in 1997 and has enabled over 16 million bypasses at its seven sites.

In addition to the new sites, new weigh-in-motion scales were installed and are now open at PrePass locations on I-25 northbound and I-80 westbound near Cheyenne, Wyo.

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