National Grid's UK division joins GreenRoad to promote driver safety

National Grid is offering GreenRoad's in-vehicle technology as a trial to some of its UK drivers on a voluntary basis to boost company safety initiatives and reduce work-related injuries.

GreenRoad announced that National Grid's UK Capital Delivery division is signing on as a client to implement voluntary driver safety measures for their employees.

National Grid is an international company that owns and manages the grids that connect people to the energy they need. The company runs the gas and electricity systems that Britain is built on, delivering gas and electricity across the country. The group behind the initiative is the Capital Delivery division, responsible for the construction of major gas and electricity projects within the UK. Offering employees the opportunity to use GreenRoad is part of the division's larger risk reduction program to improve safety among its employees.

GreenRoad National Grid driver safetyAccording to the company, GreenRoad's in-vehicle, mobile based application, GreenRoad Mobile, gives employees real-time feedback as they drive by monitoring a wide range of driving maneuvers to determine risky driving behavior. National Grid noted its Capital Delivery team is incentivizing employees to use GreenRoad's platform on a volunteer basis. In addition, the initiative's administration team can access GreenRoad Central, an online reporting and analytics platform allowing them to reward drivers demonstrating consistently good driving behaviors, or significant improvements over time.

"By implementing GreenRoad's innovative solutions, National Grid is demonstrating their commitment to making safe driving an integral part of their company culture, and we are thrilled to be a part of this initiative," GreenRoad Regional Sales Leader John Gorbutt said. "GreenRoad is committed to providing the technology, communication tools and support to drive adoption within the company, and ensure this program is a resounding success, in terms of both efficiency and risk reduction."

"We reviewed a number of different methods for improving our approach to safe driving, and the key to the success of our GreenRoad initiative has been the positive rewards based culture that it facilitates," National Grid Project Manager for the GreenRoad initiative, Paul Kiddle said. "Many meetings now start or end with people comparing their GreenRoad scores, as our volunteers for the app have really embraced it."

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