PTI launches Idle Free app for truck drivers

Phillips & Temro Industries announced the launch of a free iPhone and Android app that provides truckers with information about their Idle Free Systems Auxiliary Power Unit and other idling information. The new app, available online through the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, features Idle Free APU troubleshooting, Shorepower locations, Idle Free Dealer locations and idling laws by state.

“Smartphone apps are increasing truckers’ productivity on the road by putting important information in the palm of their hands,” said Tom Moser, president Phillips & Temro Industries. “Our new free Idle Free mobile app builds upon our commitment to helping truckers and fleets improve safety and compliance, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.”

According to the company, when using the Idle Free Service app, drivers can locate dealers who service the Idle Free APU along with their hours of operation, as well as Shorepower sites for electrification for trucks. The app also includes a troubleshooting guide and a feedback mechanism to help increase satisfaction with the app, as well as a link to a compilation of idling laws by state.

The app is available today by searching “Idle Free Service” on the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

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